Male Extra Review

Age and health are two primary factors when it comes to performance in the bedroom. The older you get, or certain health problems can make it so you don’t perform as well and that can be a bummer for both you and your partner. Seen as one of the best male enhancement supplements out there today, Male Extra claims a miraculous formula using natural ingredients that help with performance and sexual health. With hundreds of male enhancement products on the market, Male Extra is one of the most popular. Male Extra has been around for 9 years and has helped over 150,000 customers, according to the website.

According to Male Extra, it can help you improve your sex life and your sexual pleasure. It can build up your stamina. Help you control your orgasm, boost your erection and enhance your overall sexual performance. On top of all that, it can also keep your prostate healthy.


What makes or breaks an enhancement pill is the ingredients. Male Extra provides a unique blend of different ingredients to help keep that sexual performance in top shape. Ingredients include:

  • Pomegranate: The pomegranate fruit contains phenolic acid which helps increase nitric oxide production in your body. Nitric oxide increases blood flow and circulation to your member and extends an erection for longer.
  • L-Arginine: A type of amino acid that helps produce nitric oxide.
  • Muira Puama: An herbal extract from the plant of the same name. Helps with libido, sexual disorders, ED and is used as an aphrodisiac.
  • L-Methionine: An amino acid used to help fight against premature ejacuatiion.
  • Cordyceps: A fungus that helps release testosterone. Is used for libido, stamina and better erections.

How Does it Work?

The biggest thing about Male Extra is not the ingredients themselves, but the above average dosage you get when you take Male Extra. Since it has more of these potent ingredients you get a bonus boost of enhancement which can help with a harder erection, as well as better orgasms and stamina. While you can take any of these ingredients on their own, it’s the combination of all of them that makes Male Extra unique.

Are There Side Effects?

According to the Male Extra website and customers, there doesn’t seem to be any lingering side effects to Male Extra. That being said, a couple of customers have reported mild acne or hair loss while taking the product. As with other enhancement pills, you may experience dizziness or lethargy because of all the blood rushing down. It is still important to contact your doctor before taking Male Extra since you may be allergic to the ingredients or have certain conditions like diabetes or hypertension.

Does it Work?

This is the biggest question and according to the website, it does. This is also corroborated by the seemingly satisfied customers who have taken Male Extra. Like the website says, these customers report experiencing firmer and bigger erections, better orgasms, increased stamina and more sexual pleasure for the use and their partner.

Pros and Cons of Using Male Extra


  • Thanks to the high dosage of its ingredients, Male Extra is more powerful and potent than other brands of its kind.
  • Unlike other enhancement pills, you can get Male Extra without a prescription. Though it is better to talk to your doctor before starting Male Extra or other treatment.
  • It’s all natural, made with some of the most natural ingredients.
  • It is safe to be used by men of all ages.
  • If you aren’t fully satisfied you can return the product and get a refund within 60 days of purchase.


  • It’s a little more expensive than other enhancement pills, but with so many positive reviews this may be worth the extra money.

That’s many pros over one little con, and considering that it has been used many times and the aforementioned results seem to be pretty good, Male Extra might just be the best enhancement pill on the market today.

Other Ways of Improving Penile Health

Products like Male Extra are great at improving your game for awhile, it also helps to take certain steps in conjunction with Male Extra to improve your performance.


Anything that is bad for your heart is bad for your penis. This is because the blood is what regulates blood flow and if you can’t get that blood flow, you can’t get an erection. By eating fruits and vegetables and avoiding fatty processed foods you can improve your blood flow naturally. And as stated before, some fruit like pomegranate have natural enhancement properties.

Keeping a healthy weight and avoiding high blood pressure and cholesterol also go hand in hand here. Conditions like these can complicate the body making it hard to get an erection and perform. Going to the doctor regularly can help improve this.


Much like healthy eating, exercise helps your heart, which in turn helps blood flow in your body. It can also help prevent ED.


Smoking is bad for more than just your lungs. Nicotine contracts your blood vessels and can stop blood flow to the penis.


Steroids have been abused by athletes but can have an adverse affect on your testicles which also hampers their ability to create testosterone.


Speaking of, it’s best to keep tabs on your levels of Testosterone. Low testosterone leads to a lousy sex drive, moodiness, little to no stamina and low decision-making abilities.


Like your arm or leg, your penis is part of your body and misusing it can result in an injury. Doing so can also have effects on getting an erection and can hamper your ability to get an erection.

So is Male Extra right for you? It should be. There are so many positives about this enhancement pill that you’d have to be crazy not to try it at least once. There’s very little risk involved and if you don’t like it, you can always get a full refund. And that is going the Male Extra mile.

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